• Premium Material
    Ekamu Genuine Leather sandals are made with top
    of the range materials in the shoe industry,
    to provide you with comfort and durability
  • Innovation
    Our double-layered soles are made with
    thermoplastic rubber and polyvinyl
    chloride and the insoles are covered in
    genuine leather and suede for softness and
    a steady grip

  • Fashion Forward
    Ekamu shoes are Innovative and Fashion
    Forward for a touch of style, with added
    stainless steel buckles, fusing, and the finest
    animal skin as accessories, all
    in the quest to bring you the highest quality

  • Maximum Comfort
    Our insoles are packed with memory foam,
    with arch support, and are covered in suede to
    keep your feet feeling cushioned so that you
    can wear the sandals for longer periods of

  • Customization
    We are able to customize shoe sizes
    according to the customer's specification,
    such as feet measurements, provided
    that it is within our existing size range