About Us

Ekamu Brands is a Proudly South African brand that was established in 2012. We started off as an African inspired streetwear brand for adults, and have since evolved to serve a wider audience with kid's clothes and ladies genuine leather sandals being added since. Not only have we kept our African inspired theme throughout our evolution, but we have also maintained a standard of quality that ensures that our products are comfortable and durable while offering a level of practicality and style.

Our most recent product, the genuine leather sandals, has been the highlight of our evolution yet. Hand made in the heart of the township of Hammarsdale, KwaZulu Natal, our sandals are curated one stitch at a time. Each model elegantly fuses modern African fashion with traditional leather styles. Working from a studio that exudes creativity and vibrancy our team lives and breathes quality. The sandals are made by the youth employed from the community of Hammarsdale and are packaged in recyclable travel bags, speaking both to community building and environmental conservation.  We are proud to have you wear the sandals that we have poured our hearts into, passion to leather, soul to sole. 

A portion of your purchase goes towards our social enterprise, Inkanyiso School Shoes.

Visit www.inkanyisoshoes.co.za